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Whether you have a load that can't be delivered because it isn't on pallets or have broken pallets, we have it covered.

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Need to transfer a load from one carrier to the next? No appointment needed. Our team of lumpers are on standby.

Call 901-310-4444

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For whatever reason you product may need a do-over, you can outsource the problem to us and stay on track with your production goals.

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Pallet Recycling & Distribution

We now buy used and/or damaged pallets to rework and sell, providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly restocking shipment pallets.

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We can help with the roll-out of any warehouse special projects at our site or yours, so you can stay focused on day to day work flow.

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Pallets that have fallen over in transit cannot be delivered to your customers. We will restore the quality and professionalism to your deliveries.

Call 901-310-4444.

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Overnight Storage

When truck drivers need to place a load on hold to get some other work done, we offer daily rates on warehouse storage.

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Santes difference

Four months ago I was going through a transition with a new influx of inbounds that required a lumping service. I had muddled through 4 companies that I had issues with quality of work as well as reliable personnel that would finish tasks to completion. I had interviewed the Santes Lumping Service and decided to provide them an opportunity.


The Santes management and staff have been able to fulfill our needs as well as going above and beyond on last minute events which as you may be aware arise more often than desired. They can be reached promptly and if not they will return all messages in a timely fashion. I have Intermodal containers that have quantities above 3000+ units that require segregation of sku/lots and surprisingly their quality of work has assured that the direction provided to them is 100% accurate.


Their staff is respectful at all times and if there are any inquiries they do not hesitate to ask to ensure their quality of work is the desired outcome. It has been a pleasure to be associated with Santes Lumping Services and would highly recommend their company to anyone who is in need of their services.


Tim Hibbs Operations Manager

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