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Start Standing Out

With Santes on your side, you are getting a team of dedicated workers who will strive to meet and exceed your expectations. Our clients' goals are our goals. We do everything as specified by the client to ensure satisfaction. Make sure you contact us to get the full details on our Resume Data Base and how we can help you soar. Let us help you find the job or talent that you have been seeking, and continue on the path to success.


Excellence and Success



We treat every matter as if it is the highest level of importance. Saving the client time is saving them cost. One of our main priorities is saving the client overhead while providing the best possible service to suit their needs.


When you select a service to outsource the work load at your company, they main goal is to keep things simple. Correct? Our pricing is straight to the point without extra terms and conditions to make for a hassle free transaction every time.



Sort • Set in Order • Shine • Standardize • Sustain

We know that many warehouses value the 5S methodology which is a workplace organization method. We strive to bring the 5S system to our clients to promote an efficient, clean and safe work environment. 


Have you ever been billed for waiting for a container to arrive? With Santes Lumping, you can schedule us or call when the container arrives. Plus, if the team arrives as scheduled and there's no container, there is never a waiting fee.

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